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Home » Strawberries Plants


Alice - strawberries


Alice - strawberries. A bunch of 10 for this price. Fruit * Crops in : June to early July Description The perfect choice if you only have room for one variety, as it is trouble free and easy to pick. one of the best mid season varieties as it combines a sweet flavour and juicy texture with excellent disease resistance. Flowers in May and fruits from June until early July. Suitable for growing in containers. plenty of compost or well-rotted manure. Alternatively grow in containers on the patio.
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock

Aromel - strawberry plants


Aromel - strawberries plants. A bunch of 10 for this price. Aromel strawberries are Perpetual, all season cropping variety with medium-sized berries of outstanding flavour in late summer/autumn, or later if protected by cloches.
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock

Cambridge Favourite - strawberry plants


Cambridge Favourite - strawberry plants. A bunch of 10 for this price. A well known and reliable cropper in all sorts of soils and conditions, giving you plenty of medium-sized light red fruits which hold their shape and flavour particularly well. Can be relied upon to crop well under a wide range of conditions. Medium sized berries. Good Flavour.
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock

Elsanta - strawberry plants


Elsanta strawberry plants. A bunch of 10 for this price. This new Dutch variety is considered by many professional growers to be the replacement for Cambridge Favourite. High yields, attractive glossy fruit and excellent shelf life. The flavour is outstanding.
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock

Judibel - strawberry plants


Judibel strawberry plants. A bunch of 10 for this price. Large berries July-August crops
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock

Pegasus - strawberry plants


Pegasus - strawberry plants. A bunch of 10 for this price. This British variety is ripening in the middle of the early season. It grows in a healthy way and is hardly susceptible to leaf diseases. Its fruits are medium to dark red and they have a good taste. Its production is high.
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock

Royal Sovereign - strawberry plants


Royal Sovereign - strawberry plants. A bunch of 10 for this price. A traditional, old variety, not so widely available these days - you are unlikely to ever see fruit offered for sale - but we are keen to keep it in our range because so many of our customers who 'are in the know' keep asking for it. Maybe not such a vigorous grower as some of the more modern varieties, but more than makes up for this by producing a good crop of berries which have the most superb 'old fashioned' flavour.
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock

Sophie - strawberry plants.


Sophie - strawberry plants. A bunch of 10 for this price. A very late summer variety (late July - early August) a great variety that can extend the season. A dense foliage but with high yields of well presented, good quality fruit. We have found this an excellent growing variety.
Price: £15.00
Out of Stock




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