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B.A.C. Organic Grow Nutrient


B.A.C. Grow nutrient for the vegetive stage of growing, comes in a 1 litre bottle. A 10-20ml measure added to a standard 10 litre watering can for mature plants and 5-10ml to a standard 10 ltr wareting can for young seedlings. It also alters the ph level in the water to a level of 6.5 which is suitable and an ideal ph balance for all plants. This brilliant firtilizer has been especially developed to meet all the needs of your crops during the growth cycle. We only use high-quality organic nutrient substances that can be absorbed easily. By using B.A.C. In the growth phase your crop needs more nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca) and magnesium (Mg). The balanced B.A.C. Organic Grow nutrients guarantees that your plants get all the nutrients they need. This will enable a faster and better development during the growth phase. During this phase the main focus lies on stimulating root growth in new seedlings which is the most important facter in producing strong healthy and produtive plants. B.A.C. Organic Grow nutrient will make your crop more resistant against all kinds of soil diseases, (phytium/fusarium), insects and pests (trips/red spider mite) and any growth climate errors by the grower. B.A.C. Organic grow is custom blended using Soil Association approved ingredients including yucca, which has natural saponins (wetting agents),to aid penetration of the plant. Simply drench you planting medium, ie compost-soil or cocos to feed your plants.
Price: £15.00
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BioBizz  - bio grow - organic liquid fertilizer


Biobizz grow comes in a Half litre bottle. This liquid firtilizer is an excellant feed for all vegetable plants and fruit trees. Very easy to use. A 30 to 40ml measure added to a standard 10 litre watering can. It also alters the ph level in the water to a level of 6.5 which is a suitable ph balance for all plants.
Price: £11.00

Greenworld - Bio Magic - plant Food


Bio magic organic seaweed firtilizer comes in a 400 gramis tub. It is a soluble seaweed extract foliar feed for professianal use in Allotments, Nurseries & Organic Farming etc. Soluble Seaweed Extract Powder is non-toxic, harmless and non-flammable. It is a designated fertilizer for organic farming. Effects: Soluble Seaweed Extract Organic Fertiliser Powder promotes balanced growth of plants (flowers) and specially Roses, builds up the capacity of immunity and resistance, improves flower and plant quality and improves growth rate. Plants immune system boosted to help endure environmental stress, disease and pest attack. Increases germination success, root mass and chlorophyll levels. Shelf life of cut flowers, fruit and vegetables significantly increased.
Price: £21.00

Greenworld - Plant Tonic - organic Fertilizer


Greenworld Plant Tonic 1 ltr bottle. with Seaweed Additive and Yuka Extract A specialist natural organic compound product to boost immunity systems and yields in all types of plant. Greenworld plant tonic contains various natural ingredients food in nature. Organic long-chain polymer compounds derived from glucose found in cell walls of fungi and crustacea, supported with plant growth promoting compounds and microbial nutriments. Uses: - Apply to Turf grass, Bedding Plants, Shrubs, Roses, Vegetables, Top-Fruit, Soft Fruit, Agricultural crops. * Soil improvement and bio-stimulant * Seed coating for rapid germination * Root activation * Plant health improvement * Immune system booster
Price: £25.00




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