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Blenheim Orange apple - Dual Purpose


Apple Blenheim Orange Dessert/Cooking Apple - After nearly two centuries it is still regarded as the best dual purpose apple. Received the Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society. The creamy flesh is crisp and dry with an excellent nutty flavour. Fruits are golden, flushed and striped with dull red and fine brown russet. Mildew resistance is good and the yields are heavy. Supplied bare rooted and are available from mid October to mid March. All of our trees are English grown and unless specified are approx 5 - 6ft high.
Price: £12.00
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Charles Ross apple - Dual Purpose


Charles Ross apple. Large sweet and juicy Berkshire 1890 Features: Scab resistant Hangs well on the tree when ripe Available on MM106 rootstock only More Information: Pollination Group 2 Cropping Pick September
Price: £12.00
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Farmers Glory apple - Dual Purpose


Farmer's Glory apple. Sharp becoming sweeter Devon Features: Also used for cooking Vigorous tree More Information: Pollination Group 3 Cropping Pick August Stores till October
Price: £12.00
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Hoary Morning apple - Dual Purpose


Hoary Morning apple. Acid but sweet keeps its shape when cooked Somerset 1819 Features: A West Country favourite Disease resistant Available on MM106 rootstock only More Information: Pollination Group 3 Cropping Pick October-Stores till March
Price: £12.00
Out of Stock

Hockings Green apple - Dual Purpose


Hocking's Green apple. Sharp and firm good at Christmas, keeps shape when cooked Callington Cornwall Features: Tolerant of wind and rain Available on M25 rootstock only More Information: Pollination Group 3 Cropping Pick November-Stores till January
Price: £12.00
Out of Stock

Peasgood Nonsuch apple - Dual Purpose


Peasgood Nonsuch apple. Cooks to a delicate puree very large apples Lincolshire 1850 Features: Attractive blossom Juicy when eaten fresh More Information: Pollination Group 3 Cropping Pick September-Stores till December
Price: £12.00
Out of Stock

Peter Lock apple - Dual Purpose


Peter Lock apple. Sweet and aromatic but cooks to a puree Large green apple with a red flush Devon pre 1800 More Information: Pollination Group 2 Cropping Pick November-Stores till April
Price: £12.00
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